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When you want to learn the IELTS process and gain experience, you will find our talented tutors to be an excellent choice.

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Whether you just need to brush up on your skills or are aiming for a career in International Business or Healthcare, our training programs will get you there.

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Speaking English confidently is a must for every business person. English is not only the language of business, but also a gateway to international communication.

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Spoken English

We are a team which has skilled, passionate and dedicated coaches to provide you the best-spoken English tuition.


German Language

We are a team which has skilled, passionate and dedicated coaches to provide you the best-spoken English tuition.


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Our methods of tutoring


Writing english

Be a quick thinker to become an effective writer. While writing English, You write the words with Concentration for Spelling.


Reading english

Think Faster than read. When you are reading English, You must Concentrate on Spelling, Pronunciation and Meaning of words.


Listening english

Think Faster than hear. When you listen to English Speech or Song, one should Concentrate on Pronunciation and Meaning of words.


Speaking english

Use a variety of communication techniques. If you are strong in Writing Reading and Listening, You are sure to become Good in talking English.

Our achievements

Our academy aims to give every student the opportunity to improve his/her English in a short period of time. Our goal is to help students reach their full potential.


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Why choose our academy

Practical training

Training according to students grasping level and extra class for weak students if needed.

Regular tests

Regular tests to monitor the performance of the students, Time to time competitions to help students get exposure.

Study material

Well planned study material for students, doubt clearing sessions for students whenever needed by the master trainer.

Result oriented plans

Result oriented plans and execution to help students get the maximum out of the training.
Saju sebastian
“Enhance your elegance and leap into a world of excellence.”

Saju Sebastian

The Managing Director and English Trainer


Elegance Academy is the best place to improve your English language skills, If you are looking for a place where you can learn the required skills in an effective manner, Elegance Academy is the right place.
Christa Daya Joseph
Christa Daya Joseph
Elegance Academy is a place where you can excel your hidden talents. Practice makes man perfect, so this is also a place where practice gain, learnt many things during your classes.
Elegance Academy is one of the best IELTS preparatory institutes in Palakkad. I participated in their classes a lot. IELTS Academy gave me the opportunity to start my journey to success.
Nandhagopan J
Nandhagopan J

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